What type of trader does this course benefit?

-Our team has put together a very easy system to follow which benefits traders of all types whether you are a scalper, day trader or swing trader


Who Is this Course for?

-This course is for anybody who struggles with Psychology (which is 90% needed in forex), anyone who is looking for a winning strategy (which is 5% of forex) & Risk Management (which is the final 5% of forex). All 3 of these are needed to make you a 100% sound trader & we offer more than enough value in this course to confidently say we offer the solution for all 3 struggles listed above or 100% money back guaranteed if you are not profitable in 2 years or less


What Value Does PocketingPips Provide?

-We are an educational company in the Forex Market. We DO NOT use indicators & we assist you on how to able to trade the markets without them. Majority of indicators lag which prevent traders from catches sniper entries that they truly desire to catch the most amount of pips with the highest Risk to Reward on each setup


Do you have a public group chat for your traders?

-Yes we have a Private telegram group for all students who either purchase either; our course, 1 on 1 mentoring or Signal Services


What session do we trade?

-I mainly focus on New York Session but strategy I offer works great for London Session Traders as well


What payments do you accept?

-We currently accept Visa Debit, Mastercard, or PayPal. You may choose your payment type at checkout. If you have any payment related question, send us at email at pocketingpips@gmail.com


Do you offer signals?

-We do not offer Signals unfortunately